What is Ordination?

Ordination is the solemn observance whereby representatives of the church corporate, together with the Elders representing the local congregation, set apart and charge those persons whom God has called already and equipped for ministry, through the laying on of hands and the offering of prayer for spiritual empowerment. 

Ordination is an optional step after completing Core Training. It is not mandatory for all licensed workers in the CCD.

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“The new ordination process provided me with a healthy space to wrestle with some of the challenges and tensions that I’ve felt in ministry, and within the church. This enabled me to move forward in clarity and confidence, with direction and vision. It helped me more clearly see who God has created me to be and the calling he has placed on my life. 

The book list was diverse, the assignments were engaging, my own creativity was encouraged, and I loved how the whole process was highly relational. Instead of being an isolating process, the structure of the ordination program actually helped me become better connected. Although it was an intense year, the journey was shared with others. The structure was set up to allow thoughts and ideas to be bounced off each other in safe and supportive relationships. Being paired up with a mentor who has been able to speak wisdom and encouragement into my life and ministry has been an answer to prayer. 

I believe this type of structure reinforces how we all, especially as church leaders, should be living, learning and leading.”