New Worker Orientation

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Watch Video before Moving On!


Before you forget and get into the awesomeness of your ministry role, take some time to complete the following things. This will help to avoid any disappointment or confusion down the road.

  1. Apply for Benefits

    Not all employees are eligible for extended health benefits. Please consult your employer before applying for benefits. Applications are to be completed in full and sent to Stephanie Figueiredo (figueiredos [at] at the District Ministry Centre.

    PLEASE NOTE: New applications must be filled in and submitted within 3 months of your start date to avoid the Late Application Process. A 3 month waiting period applies to new applicants.




  2. Enrol in the Alliance Retiral Fund

    All full-time employees are required to join the Alliance Retiral Fund defined contribution pension plan. Enrolment forms are to be sent to Ken Board (boardk [at]] at The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada. Below are the guides that will help you in this process. Questions can be directed to Ken at the national office.



  3. Submit Salary Form

    THIS FORM must be completed by your Treasurer and returned to the Finance Department (finance [at] of the Central Canadian District.


Who are we?

Wondering about this denomination you just joined? Of course you are!! Check out our story and watch this historical video.

New Workers should also get familiar with the position statements and policies in the Manual of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.


The Central Canadian District of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada exists to reach the unreached with God by developing disciples who want to and are capable of making disciples. Our holistic, personalized approach to developing Christ-Centred, Spirit-Empowered and Mission-Focused leaders is why you received your own development plan. We are committed to walk with you throughout your ministry and development to ensure you are being filled with what you need.

Some development that ALL WORKERS need include:

  • Alliance History & Thought

    Alliance History and Thought is a course which surveys the origins of The Christian and Missionary Alliance movement in its social, cultural, and theological context, with emphasis on its historical continuities and changes, and evaluating Alliance "distinctives." Completion of this course for credit within one year of being licensed fulfills the Licensing Policy (found in the handy dandy manual we mentioned above) for a new worker.



    Please contact Ambrose directly if you have any questions about registering for the course 1 (403) 410-2000

  • Plan to Protect (or equivalent training)

    Each church is required to have a Child Protection Plan in place and to ensure their employees are trained regularly. Many churches use Plan to Protect. Workers are to ensure they receive the appropriate training. Please ask your Lead Pastor or Board when you will be trained.

If you are a PORTABLE License holder, you will begin a unique (but mandatory) journey with Core Training:

  • Core Training

    Core Training is meant to be a transformative process that affirms your calling in ministry and vocational health. It consists of four customizable chapters designed to compliment your ministry role:

    Contact Traci-Lynn Burt (burtt [at] to begin the journey.