The How-To & What-Now

Licensing is the process whereby an applicant is approved by the District for placement in ministry with the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada. Applicants being considered for a ministry role in a paid full-time or part time capacity are required to go through the licensing process PRIOR to the Applicant candidating in the church and being hired.

Churches putting forth an Applicant for licensing should follow the steps below:

  1. Read the Licensing Policy

  2. Notify the CCD Ministry Centre that you are considering an Applicant for candidating and hire at

    • Please include the applicant’s name, email address, and the position they are being considered for

  3. The CCD Ministry Centre will contact the candidate to begin the Licensing Process.

  4. Complete the licensing package (fill out the form & pay via PayPal) through the GET LICENSED NOW button.

  5. When the required documents are received from the Applicant, an interview will be scheduled with the Licensing Committee.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure on the Applicant’s part to successfully pass the Licensing Interview will result in the Applicant not being eligible for hire in the District. Licenses are not issued to Applicants until they are hired and/or appointed to a ministry role in one of our churches, new ventures, or a specific ministry. We do not transfer credentials from other denominations.