Let's Collaborate


We are the Body of Christ, but we don't often get to work together or sometimes don't have as many exchanges as we'd like to. So we created a space to do just that! Some projects are creative in nature, some service or event-based and other require ideas! Have a browse around - we'd love to hear from you! Have an idea for a project? Get in touch.


Collaboration Project

2018 District Retreat


The word 'family' can be defined many different ways, but relationship is at the core of all of them.

A family relates on common attitudes, interests, or goals. As Christians we are all part of God's family, with more siblings than we can count, let alone know. Retreat is a time when we put aside the 'tyranny of the urgent' and focus on what's important: rest & reconnection. Retreat is a time to rest with God, ourselves and our spouse, but it's also a time to reconnect with our CCD family. It's a time to be encouraged & refreshed. 

Project Details:

Help us create something spectacular. How? It's simple. Send us something that helps define (put skin on) the word family. We're going to use what you send us to create elements for retreat (used during our retreat, before or after). Some ideas include:

  • A group picture of your family (biological, ministry, sports, etc.)
  • A drawing from your child
  • A video of your family
  • An embarrassing or funny family moment
  • A short explanation of what family means to you
  • A drawing or painting (digital files)
  • Anything you can think of on the theme: family

Contributor Project

Instagram Story Tellers

We're looking for Instagram Contributors

We've been thinking a lot about the value of Instagram and the opportunity it presents to connect, encourage & inspire our community when we can't be together. Our intention is to launch an Instagram account with a clear purpose and strategy. We have some ideas, but we lack the inspiration & execution that only comes from community. Inspired by collaboration, we want to broaden our scope of expertise & talent beyond the walls of our office here in Burlington, ON. If you're interested in taking over our Instagram account from time to time (populate the story feature and/or submit images, quotes, etc.), we want to hear from you!