Church Development 


Through ongoing research, the CCD team recognized a real need for Church Development resources, especially in the area of Elders Board training and Church Health. With this in mind, we have been refreshing and rebuilding our goods and services to provide our churches with more effective tools that can be used for years to come as a foundation for Church Health and Development.

For a church to develop well, the Elder Board needs to function well. This is why we are focusing our efforts on the knowledge, effectiveness and health of Elder Boards. It is our desire to empower our entire district to lead well. Over the past year we have been piloting a project and working closely with some churches.

The Pilot Project consists of the following elements:


Governance Training

In today’s C&MA church, there exists the duality of being an Elder to the church AND a Director of the Board for the charity. This duality creates confusion. The Church Development Team has been working to create a resource to alleviate the confusion and help Elder’s Boards with practical tools to function with less stress.

Team Build

A healthy team is an effective team. To be healthy we need to know and understand how we function as individuals and as a team. For this reason, we have employed the expertise of the Grip-Birkman Team Build to identify the natural and supernatural ways God has created each individual and to work out how that effectively plays out on your team.

Church Health Assessment

The Church Health Assessment is a proactive tool for Pastors and Elder’s Boards. It helps to get a pulse on what is happening in the heart of the congregation. It celebrates what is going well and reveals areas that could improve the ministry of the church. The Church Health Assessment has undergone a refresh to make it a more effective tool for church development.