Shalem Mental Health Network
Christian Counselling

FREE for CCD Licensed Workers

We value the health of our licensed workers (emotional & spiritual). As a result of that, we provide a Christian counselling ministry to all licensed workers and their immediate families, of the Central Canadian District. Services are provided through Shalem Mental Health Network and include individual, couple, family and group counselling. 

If a time comes when you or someone in your immediate family wishes to receive professional input, simply call the number below, mention you are a licensed worker of the Central Canadian District and answer a few questions for their intake staff.


CAP counselling may be provided by both Shalem and non-Shalem employed counsellors working within the greater geographic area surrounding your church. All services are strictly confidential and all counsellors have:

  • a recognized university degree (generally Master’s level) in a counselling related field,
  • carry liability insurance,
  • are members in good standing with a professional regulatory body approved by the Province of Ontario, and
  • have a personal Christian faith that is integrated into their clinical practice.
May you experience God’s blessings through the CAP ministry. Want to learn more? Visit them online.

Want to offer free counselling to your congregation? 

Shalem can help! Check out more information on their Congregational Assistance Plan (CAP). Call them today!


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Great West Life

Employee Benefit Program (Part + Full Time)

Effective March 1, 2018 the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada selected Great-West Life (GWL) as our employee benefit program provider. Benefit packages are offered to all full & part-time employees of the C&MA in Canada. To review what is included in your benefits package, please visit & sign in or contact your benefits administrator Stephanie Figueiredo. Email her ( or call the office 905.639.9615.

Do you have the app yet?

Download it below by clicking on the images.

Great West Life   Great West Life


Estate Planning

Advisors with a Purpose

Do you know that 60% of people lack a current, up-to-date will or have none at all? By “current, up-to-date”, we mean a will created in the past five years. Outdated or non-existent wills can reduce an estate’s size through easily avoidable taxes. This could spoil your wishes for how you want your estate’s proceeds to be distributed to those you care about.

If you have a will... does it reflect your heart and values? Will the legacy you leave reflect the life you lived?

The Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada has partnered with ADVISORS with Purpose, a ministry committed to helping people manage their assets according to their faith and values. We have asked ADVISORS with Purpose if they would help our licensed workers create a plan for their wills. This confidential service is provided at no cost to you. This is our gift to you, to help you protect the value of your estate and use your accumulated wealth in ways that reflect your desires and fulfill your goals.

Whether you feel your estate is large or small, you can benefit from ADVISORS with Purpose estate and gift planning services. ADVISORS with Purpose will further your desire to be a faithful steward of all that has been entrusted to you.

Advisors with a Purpose C&MA