Deeper Life EO2 - Personal Vision

Recorded July 31, 2016 

Gateway Caledonia


Vision is a clear image of a preferred future. It is seeing the destination from where we are and it guides our walk of faith. Without a progressive vision people become undisciplined and wander aimlessly through life. God has a vision and purpose for your life. Personal vision is it’s discovery.

Pursuing Ordination is both a journey & a process with a destination of recognition & celebration as a Pastor in the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada.

Our hope and prayer is that your experience will be a significant contributor to your growth and maturing as a follower of Jesus Christ and as a leader in the Church. Your studies and participation in the program are intended to introduce or further develop you in a number of key areas theologically and pastorally, and should stimulate your ongoing growth and learning on these and other themes.

(Please Note: ONLY Official Workers licensed with a Portable License with the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada are eligible for Ordination. 

Ordination Resources
Traditional Ordination Process 

  • Ordination Policy the ordination policy is issued by the National Ministry Centre.

  • Reading List – the required readings for the book reports are found here in e-book format

Do you have questions or want to express interest in ordination? Please contact the CCD Ministry Centre. 

905-639-9615 or

C&MA Ordination

Pilot Ordination Process
Pilot Ordination Process


MENTORSHIP... Each ordinand will have a mentor on their journey to ordination who will speak into their ongoing development. They will meet monthly to foster a relationship that is supportive, intentional & healthy. 

Each ordinand will have a cohort to journey with them to ordination. The cohort will meet twice a month, either online or in person.

ON SITE GUIDES... Each ordinand will have an onsite guide who is not a staff or ministry connection who will journey with them to ordination. This person will be a valuable voice as the ordinand develops. 

GROWING TOGETHER AS THE BODY OF CHRIST. One Lord heard through many voices! 

PROJECTS... Each ordinand will complete a number of projects in each of the four chapters of ordination: LOVING GOD, EMBRACING CHURCH, NURTURING SELF, ENGAGING CULTURE. These projects are designed to help the ordinand grow in the areas of KNOWING, BEING, and DOING. They are designed to allow freedom and space for the ordinand to grow in the uniqueness of who God created them to be.

BIBLICAL NARRATIVE... Each ordinand will read through the entire Bible in a translation not previously read allowing God’s voice to be heard in fresh new ways.

ORDINATION JOURNAL... Each ordinand will have a journal to write and explore new ideas and thoughts, to wrestle with engaging paradigms, and to hear the voice of God at work.

ENGAGING READING... Each ordinand will participate in reading a collection of engaging and rigorous books. Books will be discussed with both the mentors and the cohort allowing them to be both educational and applicable. 

TIME COMMITMENT... It is anticipated that the journey to ordination will require approximately four hours per week.

CUSTOMIZATION... Recognizing that each ordinand has different giftings and and ministry contexts, the journey to ordination is very customizable. Ordinands can complete the four chapters in one to three years.

PREREQUISITES... To begin the journey to ordination, the following prerequisites must be met:

  • Portable license with the C&MA in Canada
  • Vocational Ministry Placement
  • Theological Educational Requirements complete
  • Grip-Birkman Assessment completed
  • Alliance History & Thought course taken for credit
  • Have read the following:
    • Niklaus, All for Jesus
    • A one volume Systematic Theology:
      • Erickson, Systematic Theology
      • Grenz, Theology for the Community of God
      • Grudem, Systematic Theology
      • Oden, Pastoral Theology
      • Other: must be approved by L/O Committee

Do you have questions or want to express interest in the pilot project? Please contact the CCD Ministry Centre. 

905-639-9615 or





Grip Birkman

What is the


A stewardship tool.

The Grip-Birkman is a combination of two resources that help people grow
in their understanding of who God created them to be naturally (Birkman) and
how God works through them supernaturally (Leadership Grip).


The Birkman Method is a behavioural assessment that has been used by over four million people around the world and is now available in over 20 languages. The profile explores your:

  • Interests (what you want to see happen or accomplished)
  • Usual Style (how you go about accomplishing your goals most effectively)
  • Needs (your expectations of life and of others)
  • Stress Style (how you tend to respond when your needs are not met)


The Leadership Grip unpacks your supernatural design through three areas:

  • Spiritual Gifts Language – discovering and discerning where God works powerfully through you.
  • Team Language – realizing how your gifts function in a team setting: the benefits and liabilities.
  • Body Building Language – uncovering how your gifts equip and support others to grow and expand the Body of Christ.





PATHWAYS SCHOOL OF MINISTRY exists to train, empower and release
Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered and Mission-focused leaders into vocational ministry.
PATHWAYS is an apprenticeship model which combines academic training with
practical ministry experience.

Each student’s educational pathway will be designed specifically around
the individual’s sense of calling, gifting, experience and education. The student
will be placed in an approved apprenticeship site and be assigned a Ministry Coach.


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