Who Are You? sermon by Christian MacBean 

Below is her Pathways testimony continued from home page...

I love the Pathways community, we are all great friends after only a few short months. I look forward to every course I take, it's a bit like homecoming! 

I have grown leaps and bounds since I started in September, far more than I could express here. I think the biggest difference is in the community. These are academic courses but there is such a high level of personal application in every book we read and paper we write, as well as the community aspect and the personally involved professors. God is certainly using all of this to transform us all. 

The professors and staff at the District, as well as McMaster are all very supportive and available, not just for course related conversations. They all bring a fresh perspective to any situation or topic and you know they care deeply about you and want to help. 

Deeper Life Series 2016

Stephen Harbridge @ Gateway Caledonia
Recorded July 24-August 7, 2016

EO3 - The Call to Sonship

Unless and until we are free from the sense of insignificance and personal insecurity, we will not be free to serve others. In the Kingdom of God if we are not free to serve like Christ then we are not free to lead like Christ. The revelation of sonship will transform your life and set you free to lead from significance, not for it.

EO2 - Personal Vision

Vision is a clear image of a preferred future. It is seeing the destination from where we are and it guides our walk of faith. Without a progressive vision people become undisciplined and wander aimlessly through life. God has a vision and purpose for your life. Personal vision is it’s discovery.

EO1 - The Spirit and The Truth

As believers we are required to have a position of faith on various doctrines and practices. What we believe is an important question. An equally important question, however, is how did you get to the position you hold? Jesus said, "When He, the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth." What influences have led you to believe what you believe. Have you been led by the Spirit and the Truth, or have you arrived at your position some other way?

 Deeper Life Through Discipleship

Greg Musselman of Owen Sound Alliance